Classes at WSCC

Please choose the class you would like to book on to below, Please note: booking is only available a week prior to each class.

If you have classesĀ  included in your membership or have a loyalty card, please select “Membership” instead of credit/debit card in the payment method box. If you have a loyalty card, please bring this with you to the centre as each class must be signed off by a member of staff.

We are now using the iPads! You can use your membership number to sign in on arrival (Loyalty cards will still need to be signed). If you do not know your membership code, you can find this in your account under the ‘membership card’ tab. If you cannot access your account, please ask for your code and a reset link at reception.

Refunds can be offered on bookings cancelled no later than 4 hours beforehand.

Please bring a towel, filled water bottle and exercise mat, if required, to the class.

Please read the user guide before booking, you will be asked when placing your booking if you have read and understood this information.

You MUST complete the User Contact Details and Health Questionnaire before booking a Class or Gym session for the first time (this only needs to be done once).

Class TimetableĀ 

Netball Now

Netball Now is a fun and open to everyone Netball session.

It is for all abilities and all ages from complete beginners, rusty players or current players who want to join in a non competitive Netball session.

Session covers skills plus general game play.

Run by our incredible volunteers Ellie and Rachel

Netball Now is open to anyone over 16 years of age.

Fitness Pilates

Pilates focuses on improving core strength and muscular imbalances, which in turn has a positive impact on our overall health and well-being.

The benefits include improved flexibility, posture and balance whilst significantly reducing the chance of injury.


Spin is a high intensity indoor cycle based class designed to increase power, core stability and muscular endurance and fitness. It includes high intensity bursts that increase power and speed. Designed for all fitness levels.


Yoga improves your strength, flexibility and breathing through a series of different stretches. It is designed to help you think more clearly and improve your mental well-being, as well as your overall health and fitness.

Box Fit

Box fit is a high intensity cardio workout, based on boxing technique and pad work. Suitable for all levels of fitness, this class will improve your core, muscular endurance and toning. This is a great class to release stress but most importantly, have fun!


Circuits is a series of bodyweight, weighted, cardio and ab exercises in a circuit format to increase muscle mass and raise your heart rate.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of cardiovascular training. This 30 minute class involves short periods of intense exercise followed by brief periods of rest. The aim of the class is to get you working as hard as you can through body weight exercises. Classes may sometimes involve the use of cardiovascular machines such as rowing machines.

HIIT & Abs

Short periods of intense work is followed by a brief rest. This class will also focus on core exercises which will be completed throughout the 45 minutes. Classes tend to involve bodyweight exercises, however weights and steps may be included in some sessions.

Community Tennis

Whether you are training for the next Wimbledon, or you have never picked up a tennis racquet before, you are invited to join in our non-coached sessions on Thursday mornings. The aim of these sessions are to have fun and meet new people whilst you get in your exercise. Rackets and balls are available for use.

Ab Attack

A short 30 minute blast of your abs and core. This class will focus on engaging your abs and core muscles and using them to perform a series of exercises.


These sessions will help build your confidence in certain weighted lifts and give you the tools to plan your own sessions in the gym. Come along to gain experience in strength training! Previous workshops include women’s only, a beginners workshop and lifting techniques. Ask at reception for more information on upcoming workshops.

Walking Football

A version of football aimed at encouraging older adults to play at a pace that suits them. Benefits include lowering heart rate & blood pressure, increasing mobility & aiding weight loss. It is also a great way to meet new people! All ages, levels and abilities welcome.

Senior Mobility

A fun form of light exercise suitable for all levels. Benefits include; increasing mobility, lowering heart rate and lowering blood pressure. Teas, coffees and biscuits will be provided after the sessions.

Stretch and Flex

An hour class focusing on gently increasing the range of motion of different muscle groups and improving range of motions. Benefits include; increased comfort and ability to move muscles freely, improved posture, improved ability to do every day activities, improved form for physical activity and stress relief.

Tone & Conditioning

Exercises involve completing reps using a choice of weights and are designed to help strengthen and tone your muscles. This class varies from week to week to keep it fun. Regularly attending this class will help with conditioning, toning and sculpting your whole body.


LBT focuses on three key areas; Legs Bums and Tums. This 60-minute class is comprised of weights and bodyweight exercises to help tone your glutes, legs and abs. It will raise your heart rate and build muscle in your lower body.

Mamma Walks

This is a 45-minute walking club open to all mammas with little ones in pushchairs. We will complete different walking routes around Wellesbourne with the option to finish with a coffee or grab one on the way.
This walking club is very relaxed. It is perfect for those that want to start some gentle post natal exercise, for those that would like to get out into the fresh air, and is also a fantastic way to meet new mums!