22 March 2020

Dear Members

It is with much sadness that we have had to close the centre. We fully understand the Government’s decision and the need to ensure everyone is able to socially isolate to counter this virus that is affecting so many people.

The centre has closed from Friday 20th March 2020 for the foreseeable future in line with Government guidelines. We will of course continue to monitor Government and Public Health England instructions and will keep our users informed of all changes relevant to Wellesbourne Sport and Community Centres operations.

That leaves us with some practicalities which we wanted to try to make clear to our users.

Annual memberships will be frozen with immediate effect. When we are able to reopen, they will begin again and each member will retain their entitlement to 12 months of membership, meaning members will not lose any time from their membership whilst the centre is closed.

Loyalty cards will remain valid for use once the centre is able to reopen.

Monthly standing orders: we understand that you may wish to cancel these and that is something only you can decide whether to do or not.

However, Wellesbourne Sports and Community Centre is a ‘Not for Profit’ charitable organisation. If you would like to continue to support your community facility, and are able to afford to do so, by continuing your monthly payment during the closure period or for as many months as you can, this would make a highly valuable contribution to our charity during the difficult and challenging months ahead. Any payments made during this period will then be repaid to each member based on free monthly membership once the centre is back on its feet, according to how many payments you have made during the period of closure.

The phone in the centre will not be manned. Please use either of the email addresses below if you wish to contact us.

Whatever happens, we look forward to seeing you again when we are able to reopen. The centre has proved to be a valuable resource for the community, offering space for community groups, space for teams to play, providing classes covering a wide range of age groups and fitness groups and a gym manned by a wonderful group of gym staff who have helped to boost the fitness and wellbeing of several hundreds of members of the local community.

We wish you well in the coming months, we hope you keep healthy and that we all come through this stronger and more cohesive as a community.

Best wishes

Anne Prior                                                                                                       Dene Holloway

Chairman,                                                                                                        Manager

Wellesbourne Sports and Community Centre Trustees.